Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to reserve the space?

    Free! You do not have to pay to use our space. We do encourage donations to help support Panorama in their maintenance and management of the building.

  2. How long can I reserve the space for?

    You can reserve the space for as long as your like within our business hours (subject to availability). Our business hours our 7am - 10pm weekdays and weekends.

  3. What does the space look like?

    Check out the gallery under the resources tab!

  4. How many rooms are available?

    There are two rooms available to reserve. One conference room with 12 chairs and one large meeting space with tables, chairs, podium, and white board.

  5. How many people fit in the space?

    The conference room comfortably accommodates 12 people. The max capacity in the larger meeting space is 60.

  6. How far in advance do I have to reserve the space?

    One time use requires a 48 hour advance notice.

    Long-term use of space may vary based on request

  7. Who can use the space?

    Anyone who is aligned with our mission of creating and supporting healthy families will be considered for use of the space.

  8. What resources do you provide?

    We provide organizations with a gathering space, WiFi, tables, chairs and a link on our website. Organizations may bring in any resources like poster board, markers, erasers, etc. . . . .